A personal portfolio by and about Paul Conner

Part of the class ITP 280 (Video Game Production) at USC, we had to make a mash-up between two games.
I took the class in the Fall of 2010 (my first semester at USC).
Our team (me, Erika Binsley, and Di Wu) chose to mash-up Shadow of the Colossus and Ragnarok Online.
The game was to be an MMO with strong party/raid focus against large cinematic-styled bosses.

I made an animated trailer for our game idea.
This took me about 3 - 5 days to complete (in my spare time). It was fun bringing my PS2 to lab and recording game play to then animate over.
I used Flash, Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, and some video capture software.
Erika picked out and added in the music.

Here's the trailer: