A personal portfolio by and about Paul Conner

Final Games is the year long capstone class at USC for CS (Games) majors. I spent Fall 2012 and Spring 2013 (my last two semesters) working in Final Games. I was the Lead Engineer on one of the Final Games teams, Conclave.

Conclave is a spell based third-person shooter in a fantasy setting. Recognizing a hole in the game-genre sphere, where most modern games are team based, Conclave is free-for-all. We're trying to fill that void and bring back the fun of FFA - fun that we havn't really seen since back in the day with games like Quake. Conclave is a full-over source mod. It's written 100% in C++ using the Source Game Engine - the engine behind Half-Life 2, Portal, and Team Fortress 2.

As Lead Engineer, I worked out high level design and I also worked with everyone to make sure that they were on the same page, making sure that the engineers that I work with have everything that they need to do their jobs as best as they can. I also talked to designers to make sure we have all the necessary spec sheets that we need to implement features fluidly -- being in a constant hussle to make sure everything is going smoothly. It's really fun to play a supporting role in almost everything.

I really like role of a lead; it lets me help in whatever way I can. One of the goals that I had strived for, on this project, is that everything was scriptable. Many of the features that we implemented over that year had taken Source (a mostly hard-code driven engine) and turned it into a (mostly) script based engine. If a designer or engineer needs a new value in script (that's never been used before), they can just add it in the script and it's automagically waiting for them to use in engine.

The other engineers that I work with are:
  • Zachary Noble
  • Ryan Foote
  • Josh Hickernell
  • Andy Martin
  • Rahul Gollarahalli
  • Erik Frimodig
  • Brandon Risberg
There's 6 desginers, our producer, our proj lead/lead designer, and a fluxuating number of artists.
I always made sure that I'm talking to everyone involved. Perfect communication is my goal.
For version control, we used Subversion. I really like SVN and do all that I can to help others learn about it.
I wrote a guide on proper use of SVN; I put it up in my personal projects section. Check it out if you're interested.

Here is our presentation at the 2013 USC Demo Day