A personal portfolio by and about Paul Conner

When I took ITP 485 (Programming Game Engines), the second part of the semester we made a class wide game using the Ogre game engine.

We made AMAZEing in the Spring of 2011.
It's a single player, procedurally generated, labyrinth game. You must complete goals as you progress through the maze, save at check points, and fight labrynth monsters. I worked on the "Player sub-team" - I mostly handled collision between the Player (later extended to monsters) and the environment.

Other students in the class that I worked with were:
  • Graham Matuszewski
  • Mihir Sheth
  • James Cramer
  • Nick Covey
  • Antonio Cade
  • Jasper Lee
  • Yin Chan
  • Nick Covey
  • Zheng Wang
  • Matias Codesal
  • Patrick Fay

Screenshots and video to come!