A personal portfolio by and about Paul Conner

Twilight Horizon Entertainment is a small indie video game development company that I started in 2009 with a few friends. Since we all have full time jobs, we work on this in our spare time. It's very much a labor of love sort of thing.

We are working on our own proprietary cross-platform game engine in C++. We also write our own development tools; these are written in C#, as well as MEAN stack web apps.

People who have currently work at Twilight Horizon are:
  • Me (President, Lead Engineer, Lead Design)
  • Antonio Cade (Artist)
  • Marcos Rodriguez (Artist)
  • Anna Conner (Project Manager)
  • Brandon Risberg (Web Dev Tools Engineer)
  • Jinson Yu (Web Dev Tools Engineer)
  • Sean Foo (Engine Engineer)
  • Josh Durica (Graphics Engineer)
We all work on Story and Game Design.

You can check out our website here.

Hopefully, soon, we'll launch our first game. :)